Foundation Scholarships


Current and Admitted Students

BT天堂Foundation scholarship application deadline to apply was January 23, 2024.

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Who May Apply?

All current and accepted students into the University of Central Arkansas.聽 We have scholarships for entering freshmen, undergraduate and graduate level students.聽 Scholarship criteria varies with grade level, major, GPA and other factors.聽 All students are encouraged to apply for BT天堂Foundation scholarships every year.

How are Students Awarded?

All applications are reviewed by individual scholarship committees and recipients are selected by the committee based on the scholarship Memorandum of Understanding criteria set at the time the scholarship was created by the scholarship donor.聽 Scholarship awards are paid directly to student account.

How are Students Notified of Scholarship Awards?

All students are notified via their BT天堂email and it is the responsibility of the student to check their BT天堂cub email.聽 Students who are awarded are required to complete an online acceptance form and to return a thank you note addressed to their scholarship donor.