Apply to UCA

The University of Central Arkansas admits students on a rolling basis throughout the year after the launch of the new application in August.  Applications for 2024 are open at .  Early admission is encouraged so students may proceed with housing, financial aid, and scholarship processes.

What Kind of Bear Are You?

Freshman:Students with no college credit, with college credit earned through concurrent coursework, with college credit earned the summer immediately after high school graduation, or students with a GED.

Transfer: Students who have taken college/university coursework after graduating from high school or completing a GED.

Readmit: Students who have previously attended BT(after graduating high school) but have not completed a degree.  Those who previously applied to BTand received an admission decision but did not enroll are not considered a readmit student.

Post-Baccalaureate: Students who have completed either a bachelor’s degree at BTor a four-year college/university and plan to enroll in additional undergraduate coursework.

Visiting:Students who have not completed a bachelor’s degree and are not seeking a degree from BTor are enrolled at another institution and plan to transfer coursework back to their home institution.

Undergraduate BTOnline: Students seeking a bachelor’s degree that is limited to fully online courses with no physical on-campus interaction.   IMPORTANT: Please for program prerequisites before starting your application.  If you already contacted BTOnline, you may proceed with your .

International: Students who are neither a US citizen nor a US permanent resident at the time of application.

Graduate: Students who have completed their baccalaureate degree and plan to pursue admission into a master’s or doctoral degree program.