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BTLogoIn compliance with Arkansas Code 6-61-135, the University of Central Arkansas has created this website as a searchable database of unaudited expenditure data. This database is intended to provide transparency to the people of Arkansas and our constituents of our stewardship of public resources. The data is derived from general ledger accounting records and is not intended to supplement or replace the annual audited financial report.

The website is organized by fiscal year and provides search and drill-down capability. Payee/vendor, payment date, payment amount and category fields are displayed for each record. Information that is not permissible for posting under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967 and federal laws or regulations is not included. Certain Payee Names have been removed in order to protect the privacy of individuals, in accordance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations or where it might be a violation of protected information. These redacted names appear as “Privacy Protection Required.”

The database is updated weekly and presented by fiscal year to display payments made from July 1st to June 30th.

If you cannot find information you are searching for or have other questions, please email Shakarie Murphy.

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